Friendzone & Suspense

Ever hear of the show “Friendzone” on MTV? Well I recently started watching it and have instantly become addicted to the whole idea. Friendzone basically finds young adults who are in love with one of their best friends and wants to tell them. The show helps them out by well making them accountable and doing it on TV. It takes some real guts to not only tell your best friend you have feelings for them, but imagine doing it in front of millions of viewers! My stomach goes in knots just thinking about it.

So what is it about “Friendzone” that connects to writing? Suspense. Just watching the people on the show get ready for their “dream date” makes you anxious to see what will happen when they finally tell the other person the date isn’t real and it’s really all for them. The beauty of it all is in the suspense. They drag out the entire show doing stuff like getting dressed, driving to their destination, and just getting to know the two people. Even though all you’re doing is sitting on a couch, the closer it gets to the big reveal the more excited you get. I’m not talking “I can’t wait until Christmas” excited, I’m talking “I’m so scared of the outcome that I feel like laughing and crying.” excited.

So what is it then that creates those knots in your stomach and the racing of your heart from watching a simple TV show? I thought about it and it became quite clear it has to do with your emotions and experiences. Obviously, if someone has never loved anyone in their entire lives they wouldn’t feel so emotionally connected to the show, but if your story somehow connects in the smallest way to the person in the show you practically feel what they are feeling. It’s as though you are in that situation. What we as writer’s can take from this example is that suspense is all in the emotional connection and the audience. If you don’t know your audience then you won’t sell a single book. So next time you try writing a suspenseful scene in your novel or short story try to focus as much on your audience as you do the scene itself. Bring elements from different experiences you’ve had and chances are more than enough people will connect to it and believe they are in your story.

Well, that’s all I have for today! Stay in school and see you Saturday 🙂

-The Glamorous Writer ❤


H&M Shopping Trip


The moment H&M was announced as a featured judge on the popular TV show “Fashion Star” (second season dates are to be announced) I looked them up on my computer and instantly fell in love. If you’ve never heard of H&M the best way to describe it is a trendy high fashion store at reasonable prices 🙂

I’d never been in the store myself but if you ever came over to my house between 8am and midnight, chances are I would be on H&M’s website mentally putting together outfits. When I heard they were opening a store close to me I HAD to go! If you ever get a chance to go to an H&M you will fall in love. When I first walked in I saw they had a news stand with FREE (That’s right free!) fashion magazines exclusively featuring their newest styles. I would like to applaud myself for the self control I showed that day when I only took one of them (Fashion magazines are my secret addiction). The store was blasting with all the popular music you find on the radio, and all around the store (I mean ALL around the store) there were trendy outfits put together on models. I wish I brought my camera since the store was just overflowing with inspiration.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to show ya’ll all the cool stuff I got! I don’t get it until Christmas (thanks Mom :P) sadly but it’s still fun 😀


How fun are these pants?! I got these skinny low jeans for $29.95 along with another pair of pants very similar to these but in black with more purple spray than anything for $12.95. I can’t find the black one’s on their website but I’ll feature them in my Christmas post 🙂 You can find the jeans shown above here:

Another HUGE obsession of mine I have is hair flowers. I’ll make a post after Christmas (once my stock of flowers is bigger than ever) to show you guys all the cool ways you can use these cute little clips…


Once again I can’t find the exact color of the flowers I got but I got these style of flowers in purple, and then two other sets of different flowers. These flowers only cost $3.95 which is a fantastic deal considering your getting two quality products (the ones you get from Claire’s are not as nice as these). You can find the hair flowers shown above here:

So there you have it! My first time ever in an H&M store and I am very impressed 🙂 If you ever find yourself passing by one or you just don’t have one in your state yet I suggest you move to another state because that sucks.

Quick Writer’s Tip: If you ever find a store you really like (such as H&M) and they allow you to take pictures of merchandise why not put together outfits you would see your characters in your story wearing?

Well, see you Tuesday!

-The Glamorous Writer ❤

I am The Glamorous Writer ❤

So since I’m new to the blogging world and no one knows me, I thought it’d be cool to just let whoever is out there reading this (Hi Mom!) know a little bit about me. I am The Glamorous Writer.


Alright so now your probably wondering “What the heck is the difference between a writer and a glamorous writer?”

Well thanks for asking! Honestly there really is no actual difference it is just a sarcastic way of saying the road to being a writer is rough and anything but glamorous. But being a writer is all I’ve ever dreamed of and is what I intend to do for the rest of my life. I am also very into fashion (which also goes along with the whole “Glamorous” thing), so stay tuned for fashion focused posts here and there.

I made this blog so that I could express myself as writer and help other writers in any way I can. Whether it’s telling them about the latest writing websites and tools, or even just telling them how to dress for interviews with literary agents, I am your go to gal!

That’s about all I have to say so…until next time!

-The Glamorous Writer ❤

“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” ~Isacc Asimov